Why Us?

Our history.

Our team of highly-trained and certified experts have cleaned and restored countless items, packed-out and pack-backed numerous houses and led positive case studies on once heavily-damaged items, textiles and more.

Our speed.

When disaster strikes your home or business, lives can be altered, and we do our best to restore it back to normalcy.

We work directly with you, the individual, and your insurance company in order to swiftly begin work as soon as possible. The sooner we pack-out, the sooner restoration of the structure can take place, and the sooner we can pack-back the contents of the structure. When all is completed, the disaster will have only been but a small hiccup.

Our certifications.

With extensive training from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC), we’ve worked hard for certifications in Water Removal, Applied Structural Drying and Fire & Smoke Restoration.

Additionally, we are certified with restoration equipment manufacturers such as Esporta and Omegasonics.

Our equipment.

We at Infinity Contents wanted to stand out in the sea of contents restoration companies, and to do so, we invested in equipment that highly exceeds industry standards in order to provide the best possible contents restoration we can.

One of our famous machines is our Esporta iS4000.

Our inventory system.

Within an inventory restoration environment, there are two differing methods of inventory; open and closed.

An Open Inventory System (OIS) is a broad Inventory System where your items are logged with a tick sheet and moved out. Not all of the items may be itemized on the inventory list, and photos may or may not be taken.

Where a Closed Inventory System (CIS) differs is the precision. In a CIS, every job site contains an itemized list of all items and furniture with photos and locations of where every item is at all times. In addition, a status of each item is kept and included box numbers, restoration status, exact storage locations and contents of boxes.

While a CIS can incur additional time required to pack-out or pack-back, the benefits outweigh the cons as a CIS can help both the business and the individual with damaged items, locating specific items, and so on. For that reason, we at Infinity Contents utilize a CIS.