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Leading contents restoration experts for water damage, fire, flood, and storm damage. – Don’t replace it. Restore it!

Water Damage

Fire Damage

Flood Damage

Storm Damage

Have you experienced any damage to your home or business?

Water damage, fire damage, floods, or storms can drastically change your life. The last thing you need to lose is your personal belongings and everything that made you – well, you!

Our content restoration experts can work with you to restore your personal belongs, furniture, and anything inside your home or business. We work alongside other structure restoration companies if you’ve already hired one. We’re contents restoration experts.

Our Services

Content Pack-Out and Pack-Back

Contents in your house should be promptly removed from the affected areas in order to reduce the damage to the contents. We get this service done quickly and efficiently. Our dedicated staff invests the time and energy necessary to be well prepared for any unique requests or special concerns you may have.

Contents Cleaning Services

We know how precious your belongings are, from gifts your children made in school to handed-down keepsakes. Our IICRC certified experts clean your belongings and restore them to pre-damage condition. You’ll be amazed to see what we can save, keeping replacement costs down.

Contents Storage

While your home or business is getting restored, we can store your furnishings and personal items for you, even if you’re moving. We offer contents storage for your items in our secure and climate-controlled facility. Your personal possessions are safe and secure until the work is done or you’re ready to move back in.

Contents damaged by fire?

Our Esporta® Wash System can easily remove soot and mold from any of your contents.

Content Restoration in Four Easy Steps!

Step one: Pack-out

During the pack-out process, we take the time necessary to document all items to be cleaned, stored, or replaced. This all takes place in your home or business. When everything has been documented, we carefully remove all contents and bring them to our evaluation center.

Step two: Cleaning

During the cleaning process, we use proprietary technologies and state-of-the-art equipment to clean every content to pre-damage condition.

Step three: Storage

When we’ve finished cleaning your contents, we move them to our climate-controlled storage facility that protects your contents in a safe and secure manner.

Step four: Pack-back

When your home or business is restored, we bring your contents back and place them exactly where everything was before the damage. Our revolutionary ContentsTrack app system allows us to do so in half the time.

When do you need us?

If your home or business has been damaged by water damage, fire, storm, flood, vehicle or other natural disaster and everything seems to be destroyed, call Infinity Contents. We’re available 24/7 and are IICRC certified which insures that you are hiring a trusted and trained team of contents cleaning, restoration and inspection professionals. We offer a very quick turn-around in order to be on-site processing the contents and cleaning for your home or business.

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